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Herlightstaylit's apparel and products line, Her Dope Shine, is going to take your "dope" to another level.

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Mind Lit. Body Fit.

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What These Dope Women Have to say

You have motivated me to better in every aspect! I will be a new supervisor at my job starting Monday!!!! You have taught me that I don't have to be miserable going through the motions of life and that I can actually live life! THANK YOU!


I could go on and on about the things I have learned, but I thank God for placing in Monique's heart to do this challenge. If you are ready for a change mentally and physically (I lost 10lbs) contact her to see when her next challenge is, or about her coaching you.


Progress is progress, and I MADE PROGRESS in her program


Just Hear Them Out Sis

These ladies have upgraded their shine, and not only have they improved their own lives, but now have the capabilities to impact the lives of those around them. They LIT.

A Few Words From The Dope